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Athensmed tukemaan Sofitan kasvua

Athensmed to support the growth of Sofita

Athensmed to support Sofita to accelerate the growth of the company. Sofita offers professional and high-quality workforce support to the social and healthcare sector. The company has grown rapidly and has expanded its service offering. Athensmed, as a long-term owner, supports the company to execute its growth and development plans.

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Practio siirtyy Carelinkin omistukseen Athensmed

Practio sold to Carelink

Carelink acquired Danish Practio. Practio provides innovative vaccination solutions in pharmacies and the company’s own vaccination clinics. Carelink is one of the largest and most successful temporary staffing agency providers in the healthcare sector in Denmark.

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Sooma Closes an Investment Round of Over 1.2 Million EUR

Sooma Oy, a Finnish medical device company developing non-invasive brain stimulation devices for treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders, works with Finnish and Italian Angels members to secure a new investment of 1.0m Euro in equity along with a 250k Euro grant by Business Finland.

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