Athensmed to support the growth of Sofita

Athensmed to support Sofita to accelerate the growth of the company. Sofita offers professional and high-quality workforce support to the social and healthcare sector. The company has grown rapidly and has expanded its service offering. Athensmed, as a long-term owner, supports the company to execute its growth and development plans.

The labour shortage within the social and healthcare sector has been a problem for a long time. The goal of Sofita is to ensure that municipalities around Finland get professional and high-quality support for their workforce needs. In addition, the company will serve more than before as a service provider.

Sofita has appointed Kustaa Piha (MD, MSc (Soc. Sci.) and MSc (Econ.)), as the new CEO of the company.

The time as the founder and CEO of Sofita has been very rewarding. However, it is time for me to reduce my workload, so it was the right time to step down from my current position. I am really pleased that Kustaa became the new CEO. I think it is important that the successor has similar values and has experience working with municipalities and in the social and healthcare sector“, says the previous CEO Ralf Hjorth.

Sofita is a great company, which has done groundbreaking work. The key team works professionally and independently. Sofita is known for its high quality, and I would like to maintain this image. I value flexibility, education, and experience while increasing the appreciation of social works, and of course, ensure that our work is socially impactful”, says the new CEO Kustaa Piha.

In just a short period of time, Kustaa has been able to get involved in Sofita’s operations very well. I am excited about the possibilities that the transaction will bring to Sofita. We would like to deliver high-quality service and make the effectiveness of Sofita more visible. In addition, we would like to foster the work environment of social workers and psychologists by increasing professional guidance, mentoring and ensuring more personalized employee-driven solutions also in the future. The new wellbeing service counties would also appreciate it if we could have a broader service offering to serve larger orders”, says service manager Emmi Elovaara.