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for a health technology company

I help innovative and exceptional health technology companies grow and expand internationally by making investments in them, supporting the entrepreneurs and taking advantage of international networks.

What kind of companies do I invest in?

I invest in innovative and growing health technology companies in the EU/EEA. Many of them are startups, for which I have a clear way of thinking and investment criteria:

1) The product or service the company has developed needs to have a direct link to existing healthcare services.

2) The company is already earning revenue.

3) The company has a superb, deeply committed and active team behind it.

4) The company is already expanding internationally or getting close to it.

5) The company is worth investing in: its value is likely to grow and the investment risk is reasonable.

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If a promising company meets these investment criteria, I’m eager to help it develop new medical technology products and services – such as innovative healthcare software, diagnostic solutions and medical devices.

Am I the right angel investor for your company?

Fill out a funding application and I’ll get in touch with you.

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How can I help your company?

Do you want to grow, prosper and internationalize your business with the support of a highly skilled angel investor? I help my portfolio companies in various ways depending on the nature of the company and the needs of the entrepreneurs. I promote the development and internationalization of the company as a Board member or advisor. In some cases, I get involved in the company’s decision-making and day-to-day operations. In other cases, I observe things from a distance and get more involved when the situation requires it; for example, when getting ready for a new funding round. As a successful entrepreneur, I know what it takes.

Any questions before you fill out a funding application? Send me an e-mail or use the contact form.