Klinik Healthcare Solutions: Could a Finnish Artificial Intelligence model be the answer to streamlining UK’s health service?

NHS GP waiting times are at their all-time worst but things are set to improve as the leading Nordic tech firm Klinik Healthcare Solutions, launches a groundbreaking algorithm to take charge of the triage process and automate patient flow for ultimate efficiency.

It wouldn’t be a day of the week without some media coverage uncovering raging inefficiencies and a shortage of resources in the NHS: doctors, nurses and entire medical teams overstretched nationwide with no obvious solution. But utilising the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology to step in where human labour is acutely scarce, might just be the answer.

This is the thinking behind Klinik Healthcare Solutions’ new collaboration of healthcare and AI, a model first used in Finland, which is now rolling out around the world. Their unique browser-based service runs on a medical algorithm to act as the first port of contact for individuals with their healthcare system. Patients input their symptoms, answer a series of questions and through a thorough analysis of this user input (such as age, gender, symptoms and duration).

As such, the programme can then make a comparison with a comprehensive database of over 1,000 conditions and associated symptoms. Within seconds this advanced technology can determine the individual’s condition, urgency and avenue of treatment, therefore, a streamlined approach directs patients to the right place, in good time to receive proper care. The near-perfect accuracy and impressive time-saving of this method if automation is one that frees up the time of medical staff, thus, allowing them to be allocated to more crucial tasks aligned with their skill level.

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