Athensmed helps innovative and ingenious healthcare service providers to grow and go international by developing their services, investing in them or finding the best investors. The investors benefit from Kustaa Piha’s strong expertise in investment and growth companies.


1. Athensmed helps your product grow and reach international markets

Do you already have clients willing to pay for your product? Do you wish to grow, succeed and take over international markets with the help of a skillful investor? My investor role in health technology companies varies by the character and growth stage of the company. I can promote the development and internalization of a company as a board member or advisor – or by investing directly in the company. Sometimes this means being an integral part of decision-making and running daily business. Sometimes I take on the role of an observer and jump into business if the situation requires it.

What kind of medical technology companies does Athensmed invest in?

I invest in medical technology companies in Finland, Baltic countries, Russia and the Nordic region. Many of these companies are startups for which Athensmed has set up the following criteria: 1) The product or service the company has developed needs to have a direct link to existing healthcare products. 2) There are already customers willing to pay for the service product. 3) Behind the product there is a superb, deeply committed and pro-active team. 4) The company is about to go international. 5) The company is worth investing in: its value will increase, and the investment risk is reasonable. If a promising company meets these investment criteria, I am eager to develop new medical technology products and services, such as innovative healthcare software, diagnostic solutions and medical devices. Drop me a line – let’s talk about your company’s growth prospects and how we could work together!

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2. Athensmed helps promising companies to succeed

Looking for an insightful and committed investor to develop the healthcare services you provide and to grow that business? My versatile, unique expertise in investment and in developing healthcare companies enables me to develop your services: 1) in consulting or promoting role, 2) as an expert in medicine and healthcare, 3) as a recruitment advisor, 4) as a board member, 5) as a co-investor. Besides the success of Med Group, I have created other successful healthcare companies such as Omaeläinklinikka (veterinary services) and Komppi (psychotherapy service). Give me your contact info, and let’s see how we can give your business a boost.

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3. Athensmed is your partner in the investor community

Looking for lucrative investment targets in medical technology or health services? Or do you need a healthcare expert to evaluate the future prospects and possibilities of your company? Working with Athensmed, you will profit from my vast expert network and international investor contacts. By constantly growing these networks, I am able to put together the most promising investment targets and the best investors for them. Should you need an expert speaker or jury member, you can always ask me to talk about investing or to take part in expert panels and councils. Ask for further info! I will be glad to help you invest in healthcare and medical technology.

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