Kaiku Health: Flying to Mars – digital health interventions for personalised and value-based healthcare


Our western healthcare systems are facing tremendous challenges. First of all, patient numbers continue to grow. Europe’s old-age dependency ratio (people +65 years old relative to those aged 15-64) is expected to increase from about 30% in 2016 to over 51% in 2070. Secondly, we have better, more personalised, targeted therapies but those come at higher costs. US public healthcare costs alone account for roughly 18% of the nation’s GDP (2017).

Building sustainable value-based healthcare is paramount. Costs of care need to be justified by treatment outcomes. One cornerstone of the value-based healthcare will be the utilisation of digital health and artificial intelligence. Digitalization enables us to measure what matters to patients and healthcare overall. Kaiku Health aims to improve patients’ quality of life and survival through digital disease management, effective clinical workflows and digital health interventions. This leads to more preventive, personalised and value-based healthcare.

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