Kustaa Piha

CEO & Investor

Athensmed is a Family Office based in Helsinki, Finland. It invests in early-stage growth companies and brings added value to them, thanks to its solid investment experience and strong vision on healthcare. Athensmed’s Founder and CEO, Kustaa Piha, has 15 years of experience of private healthcare – both successful service companies and product innovations.

Behind the success is Kustaa’s immense passion for his job and carefully structured vision on how Athensmed’s expertise best benefits healthcare in different countries:

Kustaa Piha, the face behind Athensmed

Born in 1978, I am a M.D., M.Soc.Sc., and M.Sc. (Econ.) from Helsinki – and an entrepreneur since my early years. Sense of justice and detecting inequalities guide everything I do. Ever since I started my medical studies at the University of Helsinki, the public health perspective has been at the center of my activities. Having researched socio-economic health differences, I want to promote service products that help also those who need them most.

As a healthcare and investment expert, I help medical technology companies as their advisor, business angel or board member. Founding healthcare companies and boosting their growth is also a part of my job. A good example is Med Group that started from primary care transportation in 2007 and extended to medical & dental services and specialized nursing care. This company has left a strong mark in the history of private healthcare in Finland.

As an investor I of course want a return on my investment. At the same time, I enjoy promoting the well-being of people by helping promising healthcare companies. So far I have evaluated the growth prospects of over 500 companies and purchased or invested in more than 50 – either directly or through a portfolio company.

Besides investment circles, I am active in the scientific community. In 2014, I received my PhD degree, and today I promote value-based healthcare by developing impact assessment tools in research collaboration, and by applying them in practice. As I see it, developing services must be based on evidence of functionality, and research may be needed to verify this. A well-working service or product sells better abroad and provides credibility and visibility to the company.